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Bigger, Better, More Powerful

In April, NRE finalized the acquisition of HKEC Components, a Maryland-based manufacturer of power assembly components. The purchase brings powerful new capabilities and opportunities under the NRE roof.

With a long history in the industry that includes thousands of sales of emissions power assemblies to U.S. Class 1 railroads, HKEC brings not only an existing broad customer base, but also greater efficiency, to NRE.

“HKEC had unique product configurations,” said Cullen Burdette, general manager at NRE Hagerstown. “NRE will blend the HKEC emission solution with the already robust NRE emission solutions into a system that is compliant and very fuel efficient.

“NRE now has the in-house capability to produce new power assembly components, rather than buying from a vendor,” Burdette added. It’s a new ability that will save NRE and its customers both time and money, lowering prices and shortening lead times.

The HKEC acquisition adds to an already robust and efficient facility at NRE Hagerstown. A fully integrated vertical manufacturer, NRE Hagerstown pours its own castings from iron manufactured in its Weston, West Virginia, facility. Raw materials are 97 percent or more recycled scrap materials. With the addition of HKEC capabilities, Burdette says, “NRE Hagerstown has the facilities and equipment in place to scale very quickly.”

In addition to processes and operations, the purchase brings an outstanding team of HKEC staff to NRE. These new members bring some 30 years’ experience in manufacture and remanufacture of power assemblies and power assembly components to NRE.

Already a world leader in the rail equipment industry, NRE just keeps getting bigger — and better.