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NRE’s Calgary Facility Stays on the Cutting Edge of Locomotive Electronics

NRE Electronics was founded in 2004 in Calgary, in the Canadian province of Alberta, to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for the railway industry by designing and manufacturing high-quality, highly reliable products for NRE customers across the globe.

“Our railway control products are used in a broad range of applications in industrial, and traction markets,” said Rod Brooks, NRE Calgary’s General Manager. “Our products are developed, designed and implemented by skilled engineers, technicians and programmers with extensive experience in the railway, power generation and industrial control industries.

“With NRE locomotive electronics, you can expect improved efficiency and operational performance using state-of-the-art global communication systems to bring you real-time information about your mobile assets,” Brooks said. “We take pride in the high performance and accelerated response time of our solutions and services.“

Calgary’s electronic innovations include the NFORCE Control System, which uses a power microprocessor to control locomotive systems and improve performance; the NLIMIT Idle Control Module that reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions; the NLIGHT, which uses less energy to provide similar or brighter lighting; NGAUGE, built on guided wave radar technology, which measures fuel levels; and NCOMPASS, which places location and operational information at operator’s fingertips.

“We understand basic business values like honesty and trust, and are committed to backing NRE Electronics products with excellence,” Brooks said. “It is considered a top priority for NRE Electronics to continuously improve the quality of our products and services to meet and exceed customer requirements.

“Our commitment to quality is geared towards satisfying our customers and employees with the aim of maintaining our leadership position as the provider of innovative solutions for the railway industry,” Brooks said. “We value loyalty and trust and are committed to backing NRE products with excellence.”