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Demo Units: Proven Great Values

The test drive isn’t unique to the automotive industry. When NRE introduces new locomotive technology, they don’t just release a spec sheet. They build fully equipped Demonstration Units that offer customers the chance to drive, challenge, and explore new locomotives. And much like the program cars of the auto industry, when these NRE Demo Units have introduced themselves to the market, their life isn’t over. They’re ready to find new, permanent homes. It’s a unique opportunity to purchase top locomotive technology that’s already been proven in the field.

The advantages to shopping NRE’s Demo Unit inventory begin with price. According to Mike Zerafa, Assistant Vice President of Business Development at NRE, customers can save up to 35 percent on a Demo, depending on its field usage. But significant cost savings isn’t the only plus. Purchasing an NRE Demo Unit offers immediate delivery that can be just as valuable.

“The advantage is that it’s ready and it’s available now, as opposed to waiting out a production time,” says Zerafa, who adds that a Demo purchase is a great option for a customer who has available capital now, or who has grant fund opportunities that must be utilized within a fixed time period.

Because NRE always builds Demo Units of its latest products, a rotating stock of current, top technology is available. If minor modifications are needed, NRE will work with purchasers to ensure any changes are managed in a cost-effective manner. As with any NRE purchase, Demo Units are backed by NRE’s unbeaten customer service, with service programs and guarantees available based on the unit’s age and usage.

And because it’s NRE technology, Demo Units are environmentally friendly, offering fuel reduction over conventional locomotives. Zerafa notes that in some cases, depending on duty cycle and customer use, these units use up to 35 percent less fuel than competing technology.

To check out NRE’s current Demo Unit inventory or for more information on purchasing, customers can contact their regional account manager directly or reach out to the NRE sales team at 618-241-9270 or via the website at nre.com.


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