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Locomotive Leasing

A national leader in locomotive technology, NRE is committed not only to providing clients with the most efficient, cutting-edge and environmentally friendly engines on the market, but also to providing the most cost-effective methods for clients to access the equipment they need. Through its locomotive leasing program, NRE provides a flexible, customizable financing program that can meet the needs of clients of any size.

With a fleet that includes SW100s, SW1500s, MP15ACs, GP10s, GP38s, GP40s, GP50s, SD38s, SD40-2/3s and SD60s, NRE has the right 4- or 6-axle locomotive for any freight company’s loads, from short line to long haul. Specs range from 18 ton per axle for general purposes to 34 ton per axle special duty locomotives, with power availability from 500 horsepower per unit to 3,600 horsepower per unit.

With the broad shoulders and know-how to offer worldwide leasing capability, NRE also has the independence and flexibility to build the leasing package that best fits a client’s usage and budgetary needs. Companies can choose either short- or long-term leases and can take the worry out of day-to-day operations with full-service, full-maintenance leases. NRE also offers conditional sales agreements. Companies looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade can explore a sale/leaseback option, in which NRE purchases their locomotives; modifies, upgrades or rebuilds according to need; and then leases the equipment back to the company. NRE’s financial team can also build direct or third-party lease and sublease agreements through banks, railroads and shippers.

Whatever a company’s needs, NRE representatives will custom-design a lease or sales agreement quickly and efficiently. And when a company leases through NRE, they do so with the confidence that they are working with a strong ally with not only the size, but also the leading technology, to ensure that they’ll receive the best locomotives and service in the industry.