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Facility Spotlight: Precision Manufacturing Right Here in the U.S.A.

In 2016, NRE acquired HK Engine Components, a manufacturer of locomotive power assembly components. With this acquisition, operating as NRE Hagerstown, NRE significantly expanded its capabilities as a vertically integrated manufacturer.

“NRE has blended the HKEC and NRE emission solutions into a system that is emissions compliant and very fuel efficient,” said Mohammad Albataineh, General Manager of NRE Hagerstown. “NRE now has the in-house capability to produce new power assembly components, rather than buying from a vendor. That has saved NRE and its customers both time and money, lowering prices and shortening lead times.”

NRE’s EMD® power assembly offerings include new and remanufactured heads, liners, and pistons for 567, 645, and 710 engines, manufactured in NRE Hagerstown’s Maryland facility, using castings poured at NRE Hagertown’s foundry in West Virginia. All components are built to OEM or better specifications.

NRE Hagerstown specializes in precision manufacturing, producing complex grey and ductile iron castings, and a variety of low-volume complex castings between 10 and 500 pounds. NRE Hagerstown is constantly improving the quality of its products and the productivity of its manufacturing processes.

“All of these products are produced with precision manufacturing and complete control of the design and manufacturing process, one-hundred percent in house from foundry to machining, right here in the USA,” said Brandon Schwartz, Vice President of North American Sales for NRE.

Today, NRE is the only aftermarket supplier of power assemblies that manufactures its own key components in U.S. facilities, supplying complete solutions from power assembly components to fuel injectors, with more than 700 kits running in North America.

Satisfied customers include Class 1, Short Line, and Transit Railroads, as well as many international customers throughout the world operating locomotives equipped with 645 and 710 engines.