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NRE Electronics Calgary Facility Continues to Uphold Mission

As a global leader in design and manufacturing, NRE Electronics’ innovative solutions provide locomotive efficiency, state-of-the-art global communication systems, and high quality control systems to the international rail market.

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2004, NRE Electronics continues to pride
itself as a leading design and manufacturing facility. While providing high quality and reliable products to customers worldwide, NRE Electronics continues to hold uphold their mission.

The primary product developed by NRE Electronics is locomotive performance enhancement equipment designed to allow aging locomotives to be upgraded to current state-of-the-art designs. With industrial hardware and configurable software this equipment is more versatile and reliable than any system on the market today, while remaining competitively priced.

NRE Electronics’ services can be used in a wide variety of locomotive applications, and can be customized and tailored to specific needs. The NFORCE Control System uses a power microprocessor to control locomotive systems and improve performance, while NCOMPASS places location & operation information at an operator’s fingertips.

“NRE is committed to backing NRE Electronics products with excellence” Rod Brooks says, “Our products and designs are developed by skilled engineers, technicians, and programmers with extensive experience in the railway, power generation, and industrial control industries.”