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Breaking Barriers & Engineering a Better Solution – NRE E-Gov

NRE continues to break barriers while creating more efficient solutions. NRE’s Electronic Engine Governor, or E-GOV, is intended for use as a replacement for the Mechanical-hydraulic Woodward PGR governor. Today, it is one of the most dynamic and cutting edge solutions used in the railroad industry. “Its single module design can directly replace the PGR governor on a standalone basis or be further integrated using communications to a modern onboard locomotive control system,” Brandon Schwartz, VP North America Sales says, “This allows greater flexibility in engine control and streamlines rack settings.”

The E-GOV takes commands from either the standard engine controls signals (AV, BV, CV, and DV) or via SAE J1939 over CAN bus. Engine speed control is provided by adjusting the fuel control rack. “With NRE provided software, The E-GOV allows for a more cost efficient solution to our customers. It also prevents unnecessary wear and loads on starters and batteries by eliminating the need for an AESS rack assist pump and reducing engine AESS start times.”

Now with the E-GOV, there is no longer a need to stock multiple governors that require specific rack settings for each locomotive model in your fleet. The E-GOV is a “one size fits all” solution. Simply upload the NRE provided software that will customize the E-GOV to operate each of your different locomotive configurations.

With the added benefits of integrated diagnostics and test capability on board, as well as in the field programing and configuration, why not look at stocking a single part number, the NRE E-GOV, to increase locomotive reliability and improve the ease of maintaining your locomotive fleet(s)?

Contact NRE to learn more by clicking on the link below or by visiting NRE.com.