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NRE – Added Value makes Qualified/Rebuild Locomotives a Smart, Economical Choice

If you’re looking for new equipment, but you need an economical option, NRE has you covered with the largest inventory of secondhand locomotives in the market to buy or lease. But that’s only half of the story.

The other half are the reasons that you’ll be so happy with your choice. It’s called NRE-added value and it comes with every NRE product and service, from the sale of a new fleet of locomotives; to helping that customer who calls, after hours, about a broken part; to buying an NRE Qualified/Rebuild locomotive.

The NRE-added value starts with sales and customer service, the representatives who answer your call, and will continue to provide solutions throughout your business dealings with NRE.

“We are always available,” said Kirby Roseveare, NRE’s Vice President of International Sales. “Our sales reps provide solutions for our customers; they become an extension of their businesses. That is what separates NRE from our competitors.”

NRE team members bring an average of 20 years’ experience in the industry to their work — expertise that can’t be matched. And because they make the parts they use, the company has a broader area of expertise. That’s NRE-added value.

“Unlike a lot of locomotive parts suppliers, we’re also a locomotive builder, so we consume most of the components, whereas our competitors just buy and sell, and have no idea if the parts work or fit,” Roseveare said. “There’s a level of expertise here at NRE.”

Once you’ve made the decision to buy or lease a Qualified locomotive from NRE, you can count on compliance with Federal Railroad Administration regulations.

“Parts are changed as needed to bring the locomotive within Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications as well as customer requirements,” said Richard Elgin, Senior Technical Specialist. “This is common practice for the NRE lease fleet.”

If you choose a Qualified/Rebuild locomotive, you can have absolute confidence in the product because of NRE’s strict specifications. That’s NRE-added value.

“NRE Rebuild specifications are tighter than the OEM specifications,” Elgin said. “We manufacture and rebuild most of the components in house under our Quality Assurance system. NRE is certified by the Association of American Railroad (M-1003) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:201).”

You can also be assured that NRE’s Qualified/Rebuild locomotives meet or exceed the latest emissions standards. That’s because NRE manufactures the most current emission Tier kits, yet another NRE-added value.

Once you’ve chosen a locomotive, you’ll have a smorgasbord of options to tailor your “new” equipment. Those options are a big part of the NRE-added value of your purchase.

“NRE-added value can include locomotive upgrades with NRE-engineered and manufactured systems that modernize the equipment, improving performance and emissions,” said Mike Zerafa, AVP of North American Sales and Business Development. “Some of these packages can include microprocessor control or emission upgrades.”

All of those NRE high-tech add-ons were designed, built and tested in-house.

“We can retrofit a locomotive’s original control system, which could have been built in the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s,” said Steve Sonni, Senior Account Executive. “Essentially we strip those old systems out and put in our own microprocessor control system, NFORCE. It modernizes the performance and the efficiency of the locomotive.

“We have a lot of electronics available for locomotives that do specialty things,” said Sonni. “We have GPS electronic systems. We have NLIMIT, our automatic engine start and stop electronic system. We design and build all this at our NRE Calgary division.

“NRE Rebuilds are reliable. They work all of the time, and they increase the performance of the locomotive” said Sonni. “And you can change the specifications to make it more to your liking. You may want a new air-conditioning system. You may want a different kind of control stand. You may want to incorporate a new positive train control system. You get the opportunity to modernize and customize your locomotive.”

And when you need a part or have a question, you’ll have the NRE-added value of the Technical Assistance Line (618-NRE-HELP), providing answers 24 hours a day; NRE’s worldwide sales and customer service staff, and the NRE Field Service Team, standing ready to help with any mechanical issues.

Customers aren’t just numbers at NRE.

“They’re a name and a face to us,” Sonni said. “And we treat them accordingly.”

NRE’s diversified portfolio of products and services helps keep prices competitive. The quality of NRE’s products and services helps keep customers happy. But it’s the NRE-added value that sets this company apart and helps keep NRE a global leader in the rail, marine and power industries.

NRE: A Full Service Locomotive Provider

NRE is dedicated to locomotive servicing, to getting you back in operation quickly. Whether it’s our full line of parts and components for single-service offerings; our cost-effective, condition-based maintenance; or our Prime Mover Exchange Program, NRE will match your requirements with minimum downtime, and provide only the highest level of quality service.

The Field Services Department of NRE offers FRA inspections, customized evening service, 24-hour emergency service, maintenance consultations, wheel truing, flange cutting, hot start service and installation, remote control service and installation, traction motor adhesion upgrades, locomotive upgrades, load box testing, ring seating, major component change-outs, idle limiting system installation, microprocessor and electronic monitor installations, engine analysis, oil sampling, and damage and wreck repairs.

NRE’s metal fabrication department has broad capabilities in forming, shaping and fabricating all alloys and gauges of metal. Wrecked and damaged locomotives look like new with the help of special applications equipment and the expertise of NRE’s certified welders.

NRE’s state-of-the-art paint facility can meet your specifications or help you come up with a new design with a systematic, qualified process that includes cleaning and sandblasting.

By signing up for our innovative Prime Mover Exchange Program, NRE will supply a remanufactured prime mover.

NRE’s lease fleet can meet the needs of Class-I railroads, short line carriers and industrial customers. Lease programs and conditional sales agreements can be customized to fit your budgetary needs.

From rebuilt frames to ready-to-install truck assemblies, from new wheel sets and traction motors to rebuilds, NRE offers top quality from bottom to top.

NRE’s overhauling and remanufacturing processes will increase the life of your locomotive.

“We customize the locomotive,” said Mike Zerafa, AVP of North American Sales and Business Development. “If they want it completely overhauled, we overhaul it. If they just want it qualified and painted, we do that.

● NRE qualifies a locomotive by bringing it into Federal Railroad Administration compliance.

● NRE overhauls a locomotive by cleaning and correcting all mechanical and electrical problems per customer specifications.

● NRE remanufactures a locomotive by disassembling and distributing components to be cleaned and repaired, remanufactured or replaced, sandblasted and painted.

● NRE rebuilds locomotives to customer specifications for engines and electrical rotating equipment, including main generator, traction motors and fuel pump, also sandblasted, checked for wear, repaired and painted.


NRE services all locomotive diesel engines, gensets and power systems, regardless of manufacture, and offers emission compliant options that meet or exceed Tier 0+ through Tier 4 emission standards. NRE also offers a wide variety of NRE-added value upgrades that can be customized to meet your requirements.

NRE’s rewires and power electronics can improve the efficiency and performance of your locomotive equipment, and custom-designed cabinets and configurations can bring new life to any model locomotive of any age.

NRE electronic innovations include NFORCE, a microprocessor control system that improves tractive effort, and improves locomotive reliability. Currently installed in various locomotive models worldwide.

“No other system delivers power at a lower cost point,” stated Steven L. Beal, President and CEO of NRE.


Other NRE electronic innovations include:

● NCOMPASS, offering real-time location and operational information on mobile assets with wireless technology that enables all assets, worldwide, to be connected.

● NLIGHT, LED locomotive light fixtures.

● NGUAGE, customized state-of-the-art liquid level/volume sensors built on Guided Wave Radar technology.

● NLIMIT, a monitor that shuts down and restarts the engine during appropriate idle times.

● Independent Axle Control (IAC), an easily applied, tailorable retrofit that provides top technology, reduced emissions and increased power performance with a minimal investment and a short return on investment.


NRE’s experience and technical expertise, along with its long history of solid growth and multiple service locations, puts this company in the position to handle any and all of your locomotive service needs today and in the future.



NRE in its Wheelhouse at the ASLRRA Trade Show

Put several hundred representatives of short line and regional railroads in one place with a group of NRE representatives and you’ve got the makings of some beautiful business relationships. NRE has a long history with the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA).

So, you can understand when Mike Zerafa, AVP of North American Sales and Business Development for NRE, says, “The ASLRRA Convention has always been one that NRE looks forward to every year,” and why he smiles when he says it.

The ASLRRA represents the entrepreneurial owners and operators of about 600 short line and regional railroads throughout North American. Their membership also includes more than 400 companies that provide goods and services to the short line industry. NRE is a proud member of the ASLRRA.

Don’t let that word “short” fool you. Short line railroads operate 50,000 miles of track or nearly 40 percent of the national railroad network. They operate in nearly every state, often providing the first-mile/last-mile connection between farmers and manufacturers and the ultimate consumer.

“NRE is a key supplier to this market segment, offering a one-stop shop,” Zerafa said. “NRE offers locomotive-service capability, a large selection of rebuildable components to ship from stock, as well as the largest used locomotive inventory for sale or lease, in four-and six-axle models.”

NRE will be well represented at the upcoming ASLRRA 2018 Connections Convention in Nashville April 7-10. President and CEO Steven Beal will lead the NRE convention team. Key account managers that cover the short line and regional railroads and industrial accounts will be in attendance, as well as Richard Elgin, Senior Technical Specialist, and John Lockhart, Director of Field Services.

“Short line and regional railroads are important to NRE,” Zerafa said. “The ASLRRA convention is an opportunity to see many of NRE’s customers, some with hundreds of locomotives and some with one or two. It’s also an opportunity to show some of NRE’s very own products.”

This year, NRE will showcase its NFORCE system, developed using the latest microprocessor technology and designed to upgrade aging locomotives to modern performance levels. The system controls locomotive systems, improving adhesion and reliability and offering better diagnostics capability. Also on display will be NRE’s Low Oil Consumption Power Assemblies.

NRE’s EMD® Power Assembly offerings include new or remanufactured heads, liners, and pistons for 567, 645, and 710 engines, manufactured in NRE’s Hagerstown, MD, facility, using castings poured by the NRE foundry in Weston, WV. All components are built to OEM or better specifications.

“These are produced with precision manufacturing, one-hundred percent in house from foundry to machining, right here in the USA,” Zerafa said.

In addition to more than 230 companies that will be represented in the trade show, the ASLRRA 2018 Connections Convention will include featured speakers, 35-45 individual breakout sessions covering a wide variety of rail industry topics, and lots of opportunities to network. ASLRRA serves its membership through results-oriented representation in Washington, D.C., and delivers a wide range of industry services and professional development opportunities including training, meetings and conferences. For more information, visit http://www.aslrra.org.

Moving (People) Forward – NRE on the Move in the Transit Sector

NRE is known as the international leader in the industrial railway market. But there’s more moving on the rails every day than freight. Mass transit continues to grow as cities and countries look for efficient, fast and environmentally friendly ways to help people get from one place to another, and rail transit is a vital and growing part of that picture. From Amtrak, to military transport, to metropolitan rail systems, NRE can provide the service and machinery to keep people moving.

NRE’s reputation as a top builder and servicer in the railway industry attracted the attention of Keolis North America, which operates and maintains commuter rail lines throughout the U.S. and Canada, including the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), carrying more than 127,000 passengers throughout the Boston metropolitan area. In December 2016, Keolis contracted NRE to rebuild their engines.

Transit authorities across the nation and around the world rely on the expertise of companies like Keolis and NRE to keep daily operations running smoothly, says Steve Sonni, Senior Account Executive at NRE.

“The officials who run commuter rail don’t necessarily have a background in railroading,” said Sonni. “They’re the administrators. They put a package together to get the dollars to build the railroad, but then they need somebody who knows how to run the railroad.”

Work on the Keolis engines is taking place at NRE Paducah. NRE is rebuilding the engines with its Tier 0+ emissions kits and all-new power assemblies. NRE’s ability to offer a top-quality, “greener” rebuild played a large part in winning the Keolis contract.

“Commuters go for very high quality,” said Sonni. “They want a top-quality product that will last for 10 years. We can provide that level of quality. It’s important, because as a rule of thumb, commuters go over their locomotives just once every 10 years. NRE works to ensure that the engine that we rebuild is like new and will reliably operate with essentially no failures, no repairs, nothing other than what is considered routine maintenance for 10 years.”

Transit operators can also rest assured that an NRE overhaul is not only thorough, but customizable.

“NRE locomotive overhaul programs include a complete unit teardown and inspection of both electrical and mechanical systems, which includes everything — frame, trucks, engine, air brakes and even a superb paint job, all per customer specification or requirement,” Sonni said.

Indeed, an NRE overhaul can not only make a locomotive like new — it can even make it better than new.

“NRE manufactures the NFORCE microprocessor, which has capabilities to increase adhesion and which provides wireless diagnostics,” said Sonni.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation, CTDOT, also chose NRE when it came time to service their fleet, ordering NRE overhaul for six of its GP40-2H locomotives.

Kraig Roberts, North American Sales at NRE, says NRE’s expanded capabilities and top-end results made it an easy choice for CTDOT.

“The agreement includes field service support for two years during the warranty period,” Roberts said. “NRE offered over 90 percent of content to be done in-house, which made delivery preferential. We’re also upgrading these units with the NFORCE microprocessor control system with integrated AESS, which means that there will only be one box which will include the microprocessor and NLIMIT (AESS). This will increase their adhesion to the rail and provide fuel savings through the AESS system.

“Since NRE manufactures NFORCE and NLIMIT, NRE is able to offer a competitive product, with control software/firmware updates, analytics on diagnostic and fault download information, and better customer service,” Roberts continued.

Transit companies are also fans of NRE’s Tier 4 switchers, which offer proven green technology.

“Commuters like to buy our Tier 4 switchers because they’re very emissions conscious,” said Sonni. “They like to be good neighbors. NRE has the only Tier 4 switcher that is ARB Verified, which makes this locomotive eligible for any available locomotive grants, local or national. Commuters often rely on grants to help support their locomotive purchases. There are other Tier 4 locomotives that are switchers, but they didn’t go through the rigorous California ARB verification process which we did.” Sonni notes that the Tier 4 switcher has also been a product of choice for Amtrak, as well as the military, which has purchased 25 units over the last three years.

NRE is looking forward to continuing to build its presence in the transit industry.

Powering Through the Valleys: NRE’s Diversity Keeps It Going Strong

The railroad industry has seen a sluggish market for the last several years, with sales of new locomotives down and railroad companies tightening their belts. In a low-performing economy, how does a builder and innovator like NRE keep going strong?

According to Mike Zerafa, Assistant Vice President of Business Development at NRE, there are two keys to the company’s ongoing success: strong roots and deep diversity.

No matter the market, circumstances can play into an NRE strength. In the current downturn, Zerafa says, railroad companies are looking to keep their current locomotives running with the most minimal downtime. That need for experienced service hits right in NRE’s wheelhouse.

“NRE started off as a service business,” said Zerafa. “Then, over time, it really got focused on new locomotives. With the market today as it is, we’ve gone back to our roots, and we’re doing a lot more service, component rebuilds, parts, and locomotive rehab.”

In a tight market, time is money, and NRE’s broad shoulders — and ability and willingness to travel — save clients that vital resource.

“Our mobile field service division has done an excellent job in the market,” Zerafa said.

“We’re able to go out into the field, as opposed to a customer having to ship their locomotive in to one of our shops and incurring that expense and downtime. We’re going out to them. Our field service has really contributed to the type of market that we’re seeing, where the desire is to get repairs done quickly to get the equipment up and running.”

Plus, as an industry powerhouse in product development and inventory, NRE has the parts on hand right when they’re needed. “We’ve got key components in our inventory, so we can ship directly from our own inventory to minimize downtime,” Zerafa said.

If a client does need an economical option for new (to them) equipment, NRE still has them covered, with the largest inventory of secondhand locomotives in the market.

“We call them ‘qualified locomotives,’ since they’ve proven themselves in the field,” said Zerafa.

Customers purchasing a qualified locomotive from NRE need not worry that they’ll be forced to choose something that doesn’t fully meet their needs. Even with secondhand locomotives, NRE will work with the customer to provide exactly the equipment needed.

“We customize the locomotive to what they need,” Zerafa said. “If they want it completely overhauled, we overhaul it. If they just want it qualified and painted, we do that. It’s a mixture. We’re flexible.”

With NRE’s quality reputation, they even have managed to secure some big-ticket new sales in the down economy. NRE has just sold a new 1GS7B 700 HP N-ViroMotive Ultra Low Emissions Switcher locomotive to an industrial commodity company in Canada. The locomotive will be the Canadian company’s second fleet N-ViroMotive.

Zerafa says industrial commodity operators looking to improve their environmental footprint are one sector that’s still simmering, and NRE is their top choice.

“We’re seeing a lot of inquiries for locomotives, especially N-ViroMotive, by the industrials,” said Zerafa. “They, of their own accord, are buying green, environmentally friendly machines. They may have other environmental responsibilities within their factories, so having an environmentally sound piece of equipment is one less thing to worry about.”

Zerafa says there’s a good reason this customer, as others, has chosen to purchase multiple N-ViroMotive units from NRE.

“Customers come back because the product’s been around since 2008. It’s not a new development any more; it’s a mature design for us,” said Zerafa. “So the reliability of the machines is very good. The service that we provide, the availability of the components, and the support we give the product is all mature and proven. It’s reliable. It’s not like it’s a brand-new machine, new design, new development, and they’re left with ‘Where do I get the components from? What if something’s wrong?’ This has been around since 2008.”

With unmatched expertise, innovative development, and industry-leading commitment to customers, NRE’s products, and NRE, have been, and will be, in it for the long haul.

Repower, Rebuild, Revive: NRE Has What It Takes to Make Locomotives Like New

Sometimes a new locomotive purchase isn’t in the budget or in the timetable of a rail company. Or sometimes a rail company has been happy with the equipment they have, but that equipment can no longer perform within emissions standards. When a rail company isn’t looking for a new locomotive, but needs one that performs like new, NRE has the solution, from full remanufacture to in-the-field rebuilds.

Steve Sonni, Senior Account Executive at NRE, says there are different levels of engine restoration, and NRE can handle it all.

“In the industry, there’s both rebuilding and remanufacturing,” said Sonni. “When a railroad actually removes the engine from the locomotive and sends it in to us for remanufacture, it’s an actual restoration of all dimensions on an engine. NRE can actually do full remanufacturing, which very few rebuilders can do.

“In an NRE remanufacture, the engine is made essentially like new,” Sonni continued.

“So when the client gets it back from us as a remanufactured engine, it will have the same life as a new engine. It will have many new parts, as opposed to many rebuilt parts, and the crank case — that’s the basic foundation of the engine — is remanufactured in the sense that it’s welded up and re-machined to new standards. So you really have a very high-quality rebuild. Dealing with us is like dealing with the OEM.

We give you the same quality and the standards as the OEM.”

NRE also offers rebuild services. NRE has all the parts needed in inventory and these rebuilds can be done in the field, minimizing downtime. Additionally, like the remanufacture, these rebuilds can be customized.

“With the rebuild, we take all the old parts off and put on rebuilt parts and/or new parts, depending on what the specification is,” said Sonni. “You get new power assemblies, you get a new turbo charger, you get new bearings. It’s a pretty good rebuild.”

Railroads can also rest assured that when NRE services their engines, they will not only be back to peak performance, but will also be in conformity with the latest emissions standards. NRE not only has the most current emission Tier kits — it builds them.

“For both of these types of rebuilds, the engine is also upgraded to the latest emission standards at that time, almost all the time,” said Sonni. “With the parts that we use when we do this work, the engine obtains the latest emission standard, which is Tier 0+. We design and build those emissions kits, and there’s very few people who do that. So there’s a good package deal with us. We not only can remanufacture an engine to a high rebuild standard, but we also have all of the Tier kits available for those engines.”

In addition to emissions compliance, Sonni says there are multiple key components that NRE rebuilds improve.

“We can retrofit a locomotive’s original control system, which could have been built in the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s,” said Sonni. “Essentially we strip those old systems out, all the wires, all the contactors, all the electrical components. We put in our own microprocessor control system, NFORCE. It modernizes the performance and the efficiency of the locomotive. We also address the generators. We can go from a DC to an AC generator, or we can even upgrade AC to the latest AC generator. That’s a big component of the locomotive — that’s where all the power comes from. And we can also upgrade the traction motors.”

NRE also offers high-tech add-ons, designed, built and tested in-house, that add some “bells and whistles” to the performance.

“We have a lot of electronics available for locomotives that do specialty things,” said Sonni. “We have GPS electronic systems. We have NLIMIT, our automatic engine start and stop electronic system. We design and build all this at our NRE Calgary division.” Railroad companies need not worry that their equipment is too old to benefit from NRE technology and rebuilds.

“We can pretty much rebuild any engine in service,” said Sonni. “Any engine built from 1950 to today can not only be easily rebuilt, but we have the parts and inventory to rebuild it and to upgrade it to newer standards. There’s nothing we can’t rebuild or can’t repair.”

So why choose an NRE locomotive rebuild? Sonni says there are several reasons.

“Why would you choose NRE to rebuild a locomotive? To make it more reliable, number one — which means it works all the time,” said Sonni. “Number two, it increases the performance of the locomotive. Reason three, you have the opportunity when you rebuild it to change the specifications to make it more to your liking. You may want a new air conditioning system. You may want a different kind of control stand. You may want to incorporate a new PTC system (positive train control). You get the opportunity to make all these changes you’ve been wanting to have. You not only modernize, you customize it to your needs.”

Revving the NGEN: NRE’s Rebuild Program

NRE’s N-ViroMotive line has revolutionized railroading. This group of ultra-low-emitting, four- and six-axle road and switcher locomotives features state-of-the-art technology, including self-contained power plants and electronic control systems that manage all engine, alternator and traction motor functions. This provides power-on-demand control that maximizes fuel efficiency, minimizes emissions and prolongs locomotive life. All N-ViroMotive units are Tier II certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and recognized by the California Air Resources Board as Ultra-Low Emitting Locomotives.

NGEN is the N-ViroMotive line’s engine and generator set. An N-ViroMotive can be powered by up to three NGEN sets.

NGEN is a self-contained power plant that can be used by itself or in tandem with other NGEN to convert diesel power to electrical traction power.

These modular units were uniquely designed for easy, non-invasive swap-out when they’ve reached the end of useful life. This cutting-edge design minimizes downtime when a rebuild rolls around. As the N-ViroMotive line has now been in the field for some time, NRE is ramping up its NGEN Rebuild Program.

When the NGEN is ready for overhaul, NRE is the choice supplier.  NRE, as the NGEN OEM, can provide reliable, consistent repair. NRE can remove and reinstall our modular NGEN units in a typical shift. With over 650 NGEN in the field, NRE has experience with rebuilding and repairing NGEN units.  With NRE’s familiarity in the latest enhancements and their applicability in improving service performance,  they can incorporate these enhancements into older NGEN units.

As with all NRE products and services, meeting each client’s unique needs is key.

Work scopes can vary, from NRE’s standard recommendation, to limited repairs, to customer-specific scopes, allowing maximum flexibility, yet adhering to NRE’s carefully developed standard processes and procedures.

Most importantly, notes Mike Zerafa, Assistant Vice President of Business Development at NRE, an NRE NGEN rebuild allows the N-ViroMotive to retain the emissions certification level it had when it was new.

“Every N-ViroMotive is certified to an emissions level. When NRE rebuilds the NGENs, we’re keeping them within that certification level,” said Zerafa. “We can take a locomotive that is at the end of its useful life, rebuild the NGEN, and then re-certify it for a new life.”

An overhauled NRE NGEN will help ensure the customer continues to meet EPA-mandated maintenance requirements.  And NRE has the OEM expertise to provide the latest, best enhancements available for an older NGEN. An NRE NGEN rebuild is like turning back the clock, making a seasoned N-ViroMotive “green” again.

NRE: Committed to Choosing Only Top-Tier Partners

To be the best, you’ve got to partner with the best. That’s why NRE services, and builds with, the top engine manufacturers in the locomotive and marine industries, including EMD®, Scania, CAT®, Cummins® and Alco®. NRE is proud to build with Scania Tier 4 engines, the leader in top performance with minimal emissions.

As a locomotive technology developer, builder, supplier and service group, NRE has the encyclopedic knowledge to provide the best new builds, rebuilds and service — there’s no challenge out there, whether a new spec build or expert repair, that NRE can’t meet. If it’s now in, or has been in, a locomotive or boat somewhere, you can guarantee that NRE has worked with it and on it. Regardless of the original manufacturer, NRE can take any engine and build the product the customer is looking for, or service and repair any engine in any fleet.

NRE is particularly proud to be an authorized Scania agent. Sweden-based Scania has been building industrial engines for more than a century and is recognized as an international leader in industrial engine technology. Scania chooses to partner with the best, and their relationship with NRE is one of mutual respect.

“We have great relations with NRE, and consider them to be a very important customer and business partner of the future,” said Scania Senior Sales Manager Sheldon Murdock. “They are innovators within their industry and have expressed their interest in providing sustainability to the markets that they serve. This aligns very well with Scania’s message.”

Scania led the industry in engineering new technology to be in compliance with Tier 4 Emissions Regulations, a stepped process that placed stringent standards for the reduction of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions for locomotives operating in North America and Europe. These regulations were phased in from 2008 through 2015. Scania technology met the final stage, known as Tier 4, as early as 2009.

Not only did Scania fast-track their Tier 4 engines, they also designed them with a system that ensured customers could easily meet each new regulations stage. Building on a modular engine platform, Scania equipment allowed customers to easily stay compliant throughout the steps of ever-stricter emissions regulations, without the need to redesign their equipment or purchase new equipment to meet Tier 4 standards.

Scania’s quick, scalable creation of technology for Tier 4 made their engines an excellent option for helping customers with their timely adaptation to Tier 4 standards. NRE, in conjunction with one of its subsidiaries, has provided products to both the Locomotive and GenSet segments utilizing Scania’s Tier 4 Technology. For example, NRE utilizes a 700-horsepower Scania engine in its NREX locomotive. Part of NRE’s N-ViroMotive line, NREX was the first switcher locomotive to be awarded certification from the California EPA for achieving Tier 4 emission standards.

But fast creation would never have been enough to make NRE choose Scania — the technology had to be the best available. And Scania’s is. In addition to providing early, scalable compliance with emissions standards, Scania’s industrial Tier 4 engines provide customers with additional industry-leading benefits.

“Scania’s products are some of the most innovative engines on the market today,” Murdock noted. “They include features such as single cylinders heads and standing wet liners, which promotes Scania’s ‘one man service concept,’ as well as best-in-class engine efficiency.”

Since “best-in-class” is familiar territory for NRE, it’s no wonder they’ve chosen to partner with Scania. When you’re determined to provide the leading products and services in the industry, you have to know and work with the leading manufacturers. And with their longstanding relationships with Scania and other industrial engine heavy hitters, NRE consistently does just that.

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