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TRM NRE is uniquely qualified to overhaul locomotives for the global railroads. Having delivered hundreds of locomotives to all parts of the globe, TRM NRE understands the requirements in all parts of the world. TRM NRE is able to overhaul multiple locomotive models and styles to our valued rail operator specifications or to TRM NRE’s recommended work scope. Our collective expertise allows TRM NRE to perform any scope – from a simple locomotive systems overhaul up to a more extensive overhaul that includes rebuilding existing components, upgrading to more modern equipment, paint, all while meeting/exceeding original manufacturers specifications.

With capacity to perform large overhaul projects, combined with understanding that railroads often operate on shoe string budgets, TRM NRE provides cost effective solutions that allow your business to operate locomotive assets for decades to come.

Are you looking to reduce maintenance expenses and increase reliability? Are you looking to find ways to get your locomotive fleet to do more with less? Are you looking to save on fuel expenses? Need to modernize an obsolete locomotive? TRM NRE wants you to achieve your goals. Contact us to see how an TRM NRE overhaul can help!