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Remanufacturing and overhauls are both options to increase the life of your locomotive.  Remanufacturing will increase performance and add 15 to 20 years to the life of your locomotive, overhauls add 7 to 9 years.  A remanufactured locomotive is disassembled to the frame and its components are distributed throughout the shop to be qualified and replaced as needed.  Mechanical, electrical and rotating equipment parts are remanufactured using today’s finest technology.  The main frame, cab, long hood and truck frames are sandblasted, checked for wear, repaired and completely painted.  Remanufacturing costs are about 60% of a new locomotive.

Overhauls are another option that offer significant savings.  The exterior is cleaned and all mechanical and electrical problems are corrected as per the customer specifications.  Each locomotive has a unique work scope to make sure the locomotive is getting the proper attention needed to become a serviceable locomotive for you in the future.

Upon completion, our quality control inspector checks the locomotive’s on board performance and carefully notes the results.  Final adjustments are made and your locomotive is ready.

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