Wreck Repairs

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TRM NRE understands that accidents happen . . . sometimes more frequently than one would hope. When this occurs there is no need to worry, TRM NRE is uniquely equipped to quickly repair the damage and get your locomotive back working for your railroad.

Our facilities strategically located across the globe provide railroads easy access to move the damaged locomotive to our locations for repairs. Whether it is a relatively minor repair or severe, TRM NRE has the expertise to put your power back to pulling freight.

Each locomotive repair shop is equipped with the lifting devices, tooling, fabrication expertise, painting facility, etc. needed to perform almost all repairs. You don’t have time to wait around in hopes that your locomotive can squeeze into a shop somewhere and maybe find its way into the cue. TRM NRE has capacity to handle your repair.

For a quick response together with our mission to provide industry leading customer service, let TRM NRE keep your freight “Moving Forward!”