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Alternator / Main Generator

NRE carries a large inventory of both alternators and main generators for immediate shipment. These items can be provided in good used, basic overhaulled, rebuilt and, in some cases, completely new. No matter what your needs, we have the ability to react quickly and provide high quality products to reduce your equipment down time.

Our overhaul procedures include high quality workmanship and replacement parts to insure a long service life. All basic overhaulled and rebuilt alternators and generator carry a full warranty.

Give us a call and let us quote your electrical rotating requirements.

Part No. Description
N8158930 D12B-D14 Main Generator
N8303213 D22DT-D14 Main Generator
N8372329 D32R Main Generator
N8371962 D32P Main Generator
N8491389 D32U Main Generator
N8340242 D32B-D14 Main Generator
N8409126 D32E1-D14 Main Generator
N8421465 D32E1-D14 Main Generator
N8356380 AR10A-D14 Alternator
N9391418 AR10A1-D14 Alternator
N8391244 AR10A2-D14 Alterntor
N8416708 AR10A3-D14 Alternator
N8431191 AR10A4-D14 Alternator
N8364551 AR10B-D14 Alternator
N8391417 AR10B2-D14 Alternator
N8432870 AR10B3-D14 Alternator
N8447750 AR10A6-D14 Alternator
N8447753 AR10E1-D14 Alternator
N9535722 AR10JAA-CA5 Alternator
N40014134 AR15JBB-CA5A Alternator
N40014130 AR15WBC-CA5A Alternator
N9546942 AR11JBA-D14 Alternator
N40014119 AR11WBA-CA5A Alternator
NR-10 Direct Replacement For AR10 Alternator
NR-11 Direct Replacement For AR11 Alternator