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Cooling Fans

NRE can supply a full range of used, rebuilt and new cooling fans for your locomotives. All our rebuilt and new fans carry full warranty protection.

For standard cooling fans, 2-speed fans, Q-fans, or even dynamic brake fans, NRE has your cooling requirements covered with Unit Exchange remanufactured equipment.

When electrical rotating equipment arrives at NRE, it is completely disassembled and tested. After being washed, the stator is varnish dipped and tested with new leads applied. Vacuum pressure impregnation of the stator will enhance the fans ability to run longer by allowing prolonged bearing life. The fan is balanced to, or beyond, OEM specifications. The frame is blasted and repainted to meet the specs of the customer's locomotive requirements.

Each completed fan is run in a test area to check direction of rotation and amperage. A detailed quality inspection is made on each fan completed before shipment to meet ISO 9002 regulations.

NRE has a variety of fans in stock to meet your on-time delivery requirements. Special allowances can be made in our production process to meet your emergency needs.

Part No. Description
N40021738 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9561434 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9576052 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9576049 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9544015 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9512227 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9517833 Cooling Fan - 48"
N9528718 Cooling Fan - 48"
N8379212 Cooling Fan - 48"
N8310416 Cooling Fan - 48"
N5538623 Cooling Fan - 48"
N5526269 Cooling Fan - 36"
N9576053 54-Cooling Fan - 48"