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Prime Movers / Diesel Engines

NRE provides both new and remanufactured diesel engines.

Prime Movers are remanufactured to the customer's specifications using OEM guidelines. Both AAR certified and ISO 9001:2000 registered, our granite table is utilized for dimensional checks to ensure all tolerances of the 'A' frame are repaired to OEM specifications. The main line bore is checked, welded and machined giving you a fresh line bore. The 'A' frame is then sent to one of our CNC milling machines for machining of all repaired surfaces including head surfaces, lower liner area and exhaust surfaces. Final checks are made on the 'A' frame. The 'A' frame is then matched to the oil pan and sent to the assembly line. All components and accessories are rebuilt by skilled craftsmen and supplied to the assembly line.

Upon completion of the assembly, prime movers are fully load tested in one of our test cell facilities. During the load test, bearing temperatures along with water, fuel and oil flows are monitored. Lube oil samples are lab analyzed and recorded as part of the engine build manual. The completed prime mover is then painted and prepared for shipment or installation into locomotives. All build documents are available to the customer upon request. By signing up for our innovative PRIME MOVER EXCHANGE PROGRAM, NRE will supply you a remanufactured prime mover in only two weeks. Please call one of our sales representatives for more information. When choosing a supplier for your prime mover needs, choose NRE.

Part No. Description
N40022467 12-710G3, G3A Diesel Engine
N8421885 12-645-E3 Diesel Engine
N8421881 12-645-E3 Diesel Engine
N8419272 12-645-E3 Diesel Engine
N8382349 12-645-E Diesel Engine
N9320384 8-645-E Diesel Engine
N40022359 16-710G3A Diesel Engine
N40025630 16-710G3A Diesel Engine
N9547250 16-710G3 Diesel Engine
N9562659 16-710G3 Diesel Engine
N9564054 16-645-F3B Diesel Engine
N9536029 16-645-E3B Diesel Engine
N9510695 16-645E3B Diesel Engine
N8421877 16-645-E3 Diesel Engine
N8454331 12-645-E Diesel Engine (Single Water Pump)
N8375117 8-645E Diesel Engine
N8208400 16-567-C Diesel Engine