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TRM NRE can provide both new and rebuilt traction motors for your locomotive fleet.

At TRM NRE, locomotive components are repaired, upgraded or completely remanufactured to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Our traction motor remanufacturing process is second to none because TRM NRE uses today’s manufacturing technology to remanufacture your motor. We’ll dismantle your traction motor, clean the frame and armatures in a parts washer and place them in a vacuum dryer. Then they will be reassembled with new or rebuilt components and parts to meet your specifications. Each traction motor is test-run before installation or shipping to insure they meet your needs.

Part No.Description
N8300137Housing-Pinion End Bearing
D47 to D67Traction Motor
NR-D-31Traction Motor
NR-D-29Traction Motor
NR-764Traction Motor
NR-761Traction Motor
D77Traction Motor
D87Traction Motor
D27Traction Motor
D87-BTRTraction Motor
Traction Motor