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Field Services

Welcome to NRE HELP, the field services department of NRE. If you are here to request our services, please navigate to the appropriate section on the left. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • FRA Inspections / Qualifications
  • Customized P/M Service
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Service
  • NFORCE / NLIMIT Installations
  • Idle Limiting Systems Installed
  • Wheel Truing / Flange Cutting
  • Hot Start Service & Installation
  • Remote Control Service & Installation
  • Traction Motor Adhesion Upgrades
  • Maintenance Consultation
  • Major Component Change Out
  • Locomotive Upgrades
  • Load Box Testing / Ring Seating
  • Damage / Wreck Repairs
  • Engine Analysis Oil Sampling

As well as 92 day, annual and tri-annual inspections.

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