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NREX 107 Underway

The railroad industry is leading the charge for greener transportation, and NRE is leading the railroad energy in reaching that goal. In August, NREX 2015 was the first switcher locomotive to be awarded certification from the California EPA for achieving Tier 4 emission standards.

Part of NRE’s N-ViroMotive product line, a group of ultra-low emitting four- and six-axle road and switcher locomotives, the NREX 2015 features state-of-the-art technology, including self-contained power plants and electronic control systems that manage all engine, alternator and traction motor functions. This provides power-on-demand control that maximizes fuel efficiency, minimizes emissions and prolongs locomotive life. All N-ViroMotive units are Tier II certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and recognized by the California Air Resources Board as Ultra-Low Emitting Locomotives.


NRE placing the 700-horsepower Scania engine in the new NREX 107 locomotive for the first time at the Mt. Vernon, Illinois facility.


To achieve California EPA Tier 4 verification, the NREX had to undergo an arduous, 3,000 locomotive-hour test. Development of the NREX was initiated in 2012, and by 2013 NRE was already conducting revenue service testing at a working railroad, which has already ordered a second NREX unit for 2016 delivery, the all new NREX 107.