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Right-Hand Manufacture: NRE Power Systems

As a global leader in locomotive manufacture and service, NRE has several locations in the U.S. and abroad that help carry out their mission. Among the most important branches is NRE Power Systems, located in Houma, Louisiana. NRE Power Systems is a vital partner of the main branch in not only building the best vehicles that travel by land, but also those that sail the seas.

Bryan Chaisson Jr., V.P. of Operations at NRE Power Systems, said that his division is a key partner for NRE facilities.

“NRE Power Systems helps with overflow on locomotive engine rebuilds from the northern facilities,” said Chaisson. “And NRE Power Systems also assists in the research and development that keeps our parts compliant with the very stringent EPA regulations.”

NRE also carries out multiple missions in its own right, including providing quality parts, sales and worldwide service to the marine and industrial diesel engine markets — all while also offering comprehensive automation control and electrical power systems services. NRE Power Systems’ wide and flexible range of services includes marine propulsion, drilling applications, power generation, engine control panels, system alarms, fire alarms, and parts and sales. Among the specific offerings Chaisson lists are:

  • Parts, sales, and service on EMD, GE, Cat, ALCO, Scania, Perkins, and Kohler engine and products.
  • New and used marine and industrial generators.
  • On–site block welding and machining.
  • Custom building of engine alarm and control panels.
  • 24/7 service and parts sales.

In true NRE spirit, at NRE Power Systems, the customers’ needs are always top priority, which earns them not only new business, but also a large group of loyal, repeat customers.

“What makes NRE successful is our mindset that our customer’s problem is our problem,” said Chaisson. “Our repeat business comes from never turning down a repair, no matter when we receive the call.”

Helping NRE Power Systems to offer outstanding customer service is their location, which gives them a unique ability to access inventory and meet customers’ needs quickly.

“NRE keeps an extensive inventory strategically placed at our service locations on the inland waterways and Gulf of Mexico. This allows us to keep our customers downtime to a minimum,” said Chaisson.

NRE Power Systems is also proud of being an important member of the marine transportation industry. Just as NRE holds a leading position in new technology and equipment in the locomotive industry, NRE Power Systems is an innovator in the marine industry, proudly unveiling new technology at the Workboat Show in November 2016.

“During this year’s event we had a good three-day good event,” said Chaisson. “We met and talked with many new customers in the marine and drilling market.

“At this year’s boat show, NRE unveiled its new 710 Tier 3 EPA Electronic upgrade kit,” Chaisson continued. “This kit was co-designed with Interstate Mcbee. NRE-Automation is also constantly upgrading panel systems to keep up with regulation changes and technological improvements. We have currently designed shaft tact and fuel monitoring systems that will keep our customers compliant at an affordable price.”

Chaisson summed the philosophy of NRE Power Systems up with a simple, but powerful, statement.

“At NRE Power Systems, we pride ourselves on 24/7 quality service with minimal downtime. We are family, and we treat our customers as part of our family.”