New Locomotives

NRE provides Ultra-Clean, longer service life road and switcher locomotives.

Following a five (5) year research and development period, NRE has introduced the N-ViroMotive product line of ultra-low emitting four (4) and six (6) axle road and switcher locomotives that feature multiple engine GenSet technology. World class and highly reliable electronic control systems manage all engine, alternator and traction motor functions for both optimal fuel management and significantly improved adhesion capability. The results provide our customers with a state-of-the-art locomotive that operates cleaner and has a longer service life than any other comparable road and switcher model locomotive.

The units are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II certified using Tier III Off-Road certified industrial diesel engines. The N-ViroMotive product line is also recognized by the California Air Resources Board as Ultra-Low Emitting Locomotives.

For international locomotive service, NRE has developed our versatile E-Series locomotive. These units are tailored to customer specifications and feature many modifications such as low profile, light axle configuration, various gauges and a wide variety of horsepowers.


VW Grant Eligibility

Tier 4 Switcher